Questions and Answers


What should I have before bringing a new kitten home?

The basics are food, food dish, water bowl, litter, litter box, cat carrier, scratching post, nail clippers, and cat toys (interactive and something they can chase – cats are meant to hunt). I also highly suggest a cat tower or tree. Brushing is optional as we raise short haired cats. 

Is there a kitten waitlist? When can I get a kitten? 

Email if you would like to added to our waitlist. We have a couple of litters available every year. Once we have a litter, there is a reservation required ($500 deposit to know you are serious about adoption). Once you have selected a kitten (kitten available page) you may either pick up your kitten or we will ship to you (transportation and veterinary health certificate separate) when the kitten is 8 to 12 weeks of age.

Is there a health guarantee?

We ensure the welfare of all our kittens, if within three days of receiving your kitten your veterinarian finds a genetic or significant health disability we will refund and accept the kitten back. 

How do you introduce a new kitten to a new home and family?

It is best to go slow, one room at a time, one person at a time, so as not to overwhelm the little kitten, see guide below:

What should I do if I cannot keep the kitten?

Please return the kitten to us, we will take her/him back regardless of age or issues. In absolutely no situation should your kitten end up in a shelter. If allergies are a concern contact us for a dander sample before receiving a kitten.


What do you feed your cats?

In terms of food, we slowly rotate between different flavors of canned wet food that is fed to them twice a day, morning and evening, (different flavors to reduce raising a picky eater) and there is kibble dry food left out for kittens as a daytime snack.

What litter do you use?

Clay based litter, multiple cat formula, unscented.


Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat by Jackson Galaxy

Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat--Not a Sour Puss by Pam Johnson-Bennett