About Us

We are small family run cattery. We hand raise our cats and kittens with lots of love and care, feeding our loved ones with high quality food and engaging them with activity and play for happy, healthy sweeties. We pride ourselves in raising kittens who reflect the beauty of the breed, specializing in Ocicat and Traditional Siamese, with bright spirits and beautiful soft velveteen fur. Our cats are our constant companions.


It is our mission to bring into the world elegant, athletic, beautiful, well adjusted, healthy, (sometimes spoiled) and happy cats. We do not skimp on vet visits, plenty of play, and opportunities to socialize with people and other animals. We want to raise wonderful cats that we can share with you and your family.


We currently spend our time in a special place in North Star Borough, Alaska. Occasionally we will have litters available depending on the season.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us: paintedspotscats@gmail.com